Explore My Dynamic Features: The BMW 2 Series Coup

One of the most talked about cars of 2019 is the BMW 2 Series. This amazing vehicle carries on with BMW's traditional excellence. Consumers will receive a boat-load of advancements if purchasing this vehicle, and these advancements are designed to enhance your ride quality.

The coup version of this sedan is built for higher performance with its M-inspired upgrades. The BMW 2 Series Coup will come equipped with Adaptive-M suspension and M Sport brakes. The high-performance V6 engine will generate as much as 335 horsepower, and its acceleration gets a boost from being turbocharged. This car can reach 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds. In addition to that, the driver will utilize a six-speed manual transmission to get through the gears smoothly. There are also additional preventive-safety features that are built-in to protect you while on your daily drive.

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