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When you do routine maintenance on your car, you replace parts that break because of normal wear. Here at Burdick BMW in Cicero, NY, we maintain a stocked inventory of BMW parts so you can have your car serviced quickly and easily.

We offer the necessary components to restore your BMW to its factory condition. We are delighted to service Utica, NY and Rome, NY drivers with original OEM parts that are durable and compatible with your model. We hope you will choose us for all your part replacement needs!

OEM Parts

When replacing a part, we always recommend obtaining authentic OEM components. OEM is an abbreviation denoting Original Equipment Manufacturer; in this case, our OEM is BMW. The additional choices are aftermarket components that the vehicle's original manufacturer did not manufacture.

Several manufacturers provide components with the same functionality as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. Still, the overall product's quality is compromised. There's also an enormous assortment, making it more challenging to discover the specific part you need. In contrast, OEM parts are precise and perform only one function for your vehicle.

OEM components are simple to select, and you should not be concerned about their quality. OEM parts will function identically to the item you are upgrading and usually come with the manufacturer's guarantee. You will receive the most significant components on the market whenever you partner with us, allowing you to keep your car operating like new for several years.

Additionally, at our BMW Parts center near Syracuse, NY, you will find the following Vehicle Parts that require to be replaced more frequently than others.

1. Brake Pads

When you brake, the brake pads wear down. As the pads degrade, the metal will shriek when you notice that sound; replace your brakes immediately.

2. Filters

Your car's filters need to be regularly updated. These filters comprise the air, cabin, oil, gasoline, and transmission fluid filters. Check your filters during regular maintenance to make sure they work.

3. Battery

Car batteries die. Check your battery frequently to ensure it is functioning correctly, and replace it when necessary to prevent being caught off guard by an unexpectedly dead battery. Our team in [CITY] is ready to check your vehicle's battery and have it replaced if needed.

4. Timing Belt

If your car has a timing belt, replace it as soon as possible. If you don't get this service done or the timing belt breaks, it could do a lot of damage to the engine of your vehicle.

5. Starter & Alternator

Both starter and alternator will probably have to be replaced at some point in the life of your car. These parts are essential to your car's work, so get them fixed as soon as you notice a problem.

6. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the air-and-fuel mixture that powers your car's engine. Corroded spark plugs must be replaced; otherwise, misfiring may occur, wasting fuel and reducing power.

Service Center

Burdick BMW near Syracuse, NY hires the finest technicians. Our specialists are skilled and accredited to handle your vehicle, so you can trust them to do it well. When every aspect of your car works, it performs well. Call us if something is grinding, making a weird sound, or rusty. Your car's malfunction puts you and other people in danger. We're ready to tackle the issue as quickly as possible.

Parts Order Form

If you recognize the specific part your model needs, you can save time at home & the shop. Our order page lets you explore components, choose the right one, and order it online so that your part is ready to be installed when you arrange an appointment.

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone if you have any queries about the parts we offer or the ordering process. We are happy to serve customers from Cicero NY. We aim to become your go-to local dealership for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products. The prospect of cooperating with you is pretty exciting to us.

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