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Whenever you're looking for a BMW or another popular brand of vehicles, you need to check out what we have available at Burdick BMW. First of all, not only will you get to see beautiful options when you visit our Cicero, NY lot, but there will also be plenty of variety. Whether you're interested in a sedan or SUV, you'll see models that you've loved for years. If you need some advice on which model to buy, you can get all the information you could need thanks to our friendly sales associates.

Why Choose a Sedan

Choosing a sedan is a great option for anyone who is interested in saving money on gas. Because of their smaller design, they tend to burn less gas every time you take them on the highway for your commute to work. Sedans are also popular because they're easy to drive around Fayetteville, NY, where getting into tight parking spots can become a problem with larger models. Plus, if you're interested in getting a great deal on a vehicle that also provides a comfortable ride, you'll love sedans, because they provide smooth rides throughout Manlius.

Who Might Choose an SUV

When you're trying to find a vehicle that provides a lot of versatility around Clay, NY, you need to consider getting an SUV. Larger models provide a lot of seating and cargo space. Even if you choose a smaller model, you'll still get a lot more storage capacity than you would with a sedan trunk. If you need a vehicle that provides a lot of ground clearance, you'll love SUVs. They provide enough room to get through deep snow and over rugged terrain without damaging the underside of the vehicle. In fact, this body style was originally designed to be for off-roading, so they're still great for camping trips and more. You'll also appreciate that all models are great for people who want to be able to see more of the road because they sit up a bit higher than sedans.

Should You Choose a Truck Model?

There are several reasons why you might decide on this body style. First off, you'll love that used models are ideal when you want a vehicle that you can take up to the cabin in the woods without having to worry about keeping it in pristine condition. You'll also appreciate that trucks are great for projects around your Syracuse home thanks to their towing capacity and payload.

BMW Sedans and SUVs

At our dealership, you'll often find BMW sedan options, such as the 3 Series, which can come as a plug-in hybrid or a traditional combustion engine. You can also get a 7 Series or a 5 Series. If you're interested in SUV options, take a look at the X5, X7, X3 and X1. There's great selection within the BMW brand, so you can find a model that will benefit your lifestyle because there's such variety. For instance, the X5 is a full-size SUV that comes as a hybrid. On the other hand, the X3 is a compact SUV, so it's ideal for people who want some extra cargo space but don't need seating for more than five people.

Other Brands

When you're interested in getting some great deals on trucks, you should see what we can offer you on our lot near Watertown, NY. When you buy from us, you can find trucks from brands like Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Toyota and many more. These vehicles can have a lot of the technology and safety features that you would expect from a late-model vehicle.

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